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Cono-flex SOURCE 13ft. Optimum Casting Weight: 3-5oz
We were asked to design a match style rod that was slim, light with a soft responsive tip that could cast to 5 oz but hold bottom with 3. A tall order maybe but thatís what the source does. The tip is a fast taper allowing a sensitive tip to progress to a mid section, capable of controlling a 5oz lead, to keep the butt slim we used a spigot to a high modulas carbon butt that takes a DPS 24 mm fitting.
The rod casts soft worm baits well and takes the impact out short choppy surf that leaves the bait and weight on the bottom. I have had fantastic sport with smooth hounds but also seen the rattle of pin whiting.
A good choice for the serious match angler.
Blank - £263.60, Fully Factory Built - £334.10

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
Source7' 4"5' 8" with spigot3.5 mm24 mm763 gms


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