Saltwater Rods

Heavy Ground Rods

Cono-flex Tournament Extreme 13ft. Optimum Casting Wt. 5oz.
7' 4" carbon composite tip, 6' carbon butt.
On 13/3/94 at the Westward casting court, Neil Kelland cast a 175g lead 300 yards, using the Tournament Extreme. Although not ratified as a record it remains the first 300 yard cast. With it's two stage power-wrapped carbon butt and three stage carbon and glass tip, the rod supplies vast amounts of useable power that finds applications in fishing such as conger off Alderney. A casting rod that catches.
Blank - £239.86, Fully Factory Built - £310.36

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterBlank Weight
Tournament Extreme7' 4"6'3.85 mm26.5 mm735 gms

Cono-flex Nemesis Plus SLR 13ft. Optimum Casting Wt. 6oz.
Appertaining all the qualities of the original Nemesis Plus but twice as light’ Suitable for fishing on the North East coastline. Casts like a dream without the heartburn.
Factory finished with Fuji BNHG guides and coasters or Fuji reel seat loose.
A Smooth Loveable Rogue!
Blank - £224.88, Fully Factory Built - £295.38

Cono-flex Nemesis Premier 13ft. Optimum Casting Wt. 6ozs.
The ‘Bully’ of the three in the Nemesis range of rods. More rugged for those heavier conditions and a lot more grunt to cast those bigger baits. A good over head thumper able to hold bottom without ripping the lead out of The sea bed so an ideal choice for the Bristol Channel.
Factory finished with Fuji BNHG guides and coasters or Fuji reel seat loose.
Top division fishing!
Blank - £231.56, Fully Factory Built - £302.06

Cono-flex Nemesis Plus SLR14 14ft. Optimum Casting Wt. 6ozs.
As it says, this is a Nemesis Plus, a foot longer, but we have not overpowered it or spoilt the balance in doing so. Some 14 footers are clumsy to use where as this one is a gentle giant.
Factory finished with Fuji BNHG guides and coasters or Fuji reel seat loose.
Going that extra length to please!
Blank - £240.05, Fully Factory Built - £310.55

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
Nemesis Plus SLR88" Push-in6'4.0 mm26 mm660 gms
Nemesis Premier84"7' 6" with spigot4.0 mm26 mm722 gms
Nemesis Plus SLR1488" Push-in7'4.0 mm26 mm732 gms

Conoflex Anubis 14 ft Optimum Casting Wt. 6 ozs.
The Cono-flex Anubis range of rods were the inspiration of Alec Harvey and Bob Gascoigne, two of the top Geordies on the North-east angling circuit. These two lads felt there was a demand for a new Cono-flex beach caster, specifically for their area and offered their services for design and testing.
The qualities required of this rod were straight forward;

  • This rod needed to be powerful to cast big baits good distances, but not break your back whilst doing so.
  • It needed to show good bite indication, but not fold up as "guts" are an important factor for when retrieving through rocks and kelp, characteristics of the rugged North-east beaches.
  • Also a light, well balanced rod that was not going to be cumbersome causing you to lose your footing on the rocks.
  • Finally as longer rods are of the modern trend these days it needed to be 14 ft in length.
  • The Anubis 6 oz is a fishing rod with a more forgiving action, the tip pulls through more, locking up slowly into the stiff slim butt. Great bite detection, it casts a dream. A very competent rock rod.
    Top Wearside angler Jim Dobie gives this one the ‘big thumbs up’.
    So for the Anubis 7 oz, Alec and Bob tried the 6 oz rod and liked it but said it still needed more, for where big fish and thick kelp was a problem.
    So we did the maths, calculated the Carbons and got it right.
    ‘Best rock rod this century’
    Alec and Bob have used Cono-flex rods all their fishing lives, so when they say it’s the best Cono-flex have done for a long time you can really believe them.
    Both models are a no nonsense build, with tried and tested Fuji BNHG guides, whipped for either reel high or low with Black/Silver or Black/Gold threads.
    The tips have a weather proofed reflective tip tape fitted to assist night visibility and an easy grip for tip to butt assembly. The butts are covered with a deluxe diamond grip tube and Fuji reel seat supplied loose, so you can fit it to your own preferred personal position.
    Blank - £282.00, Fully Factory Built - £352.50

    Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
    Anubis 6oz86"86" with spigot4.0 mm26 mm822 gms
    Anubis Plus 7oz86"86" with spigot4.0 mm26 mm825 gms


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