Saltwater Rods

An extract of a letter from Graeme Pullen - 1st May 2006

50lb Conoflex Boat Rod

....... I have just returned form a hugely successful experimental trip for shark off North Cornwall, in My Pal's boat, a mere 14-ft dinghy. I wanted to try an early season expedition for Porbeagle shark, and using 70lb of Trout meat chum we just about set the record books alight. In just two days, we had five runs resulting in the capture of 4 giant Porbeagle sharks, 220lb, 350lbs, 350lbs and a hugh monster of at least 550lbs, maybe 600. This is way over the existing British and world record of about 500, and is the biggest shark ever landed on rod and line from British waters.

We deliberated for some time, with the Shark trying to turn the dinghy inside out about killing the shark just for glory and a name in the record books, but common sence prevailed, so I put a NMFS dart tag into it , and we cut it free. It is the largest Shark tagged in British waters, and I thought you would be doubtless tickled pink to learn that it was taken on an old Conoflex 50lb (7ft 6 inch) rod, That my pal, Peter Scott had as a blank from you nearly 25 years ago. To say it got a pasting is and understatement, and it seems to have permanent set in it!!!.

.... I enclose a rough shot to give you an idea of the immense bulk of the shark, bear in mind it is STILL underwater, and you can see the practical reasons for letting it go. It was almost 9 feet long, and had a truly huge girth. I feel sure that had we brought it in there was a chance it would clip 600. As you may know I am extremly accurate with big shark weights, and have taken 8 over 1000lbs on foreign trips.

This one was no puppy!!......

Shark underwater


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