Saltwater Rods

General Purpose / Mixed Ground Rods

Maverick 5
A versatile carbon composite rod designed to suit the needs of the average angler. A tip firm enough for overhead casting with a through action butt for a more forgiving application of power. At 12' and 5oz opt. weight, this competitively priced rod is ideal for fishing up to the 100yd. mark.
Fully Built - 159.51

Maverick 6 At 12' 6oz opt. weight, this takes the feel good forgiving nature of the Maverick 5, but adds extra power for when conditions or distance demands more. Now with an upgraded butt using Quasi carbon weave.
Fully Built - 159.51

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterBlank Weight
Maverick 57' 4"5'3.25 mm25.2 mm613 gms
Maverick 67' 4"5'3.65 mm25.2 mm620 gms

Stinger 2 13' 5 - 6oz.
7' tip. 6' semi carbon butt.. UFT tip and high performance butt. A superb rod at a great price
Blank - 118.74, Fully Factory Built - 189.24

Cono-flex Nemesis SLR 13ft. Optimum Casting Weight: 5-6oz
A pendulum casters choice of rod, more suited to cleaner beaches.
Has a bit of give but a lot of go.
Factory finished with FUJI BNHG guides and coaster or FUJI reel seat loose.
Blank - 224.88, Fully Factory Built - 295.38

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
Nemesis SLR88" Push-in6'4.0 mm26 mm660 gms

Cono-flex SOURCE Estuary Match 13ft. Optimum Casting Weight: 3-5oz
The Cono-flex SOURCE is a top performance sea match rod with results to prove it. The main strengths of the rod were the great bite detection with a nice casting action suitable for small soft baits. So when we were asked if it was possible to produce a rod with the same characteristics but at a more affordable price we assessed the situation.
The need for such a rod was because the angler has his all-rounder fishing rod, but also requires a second choice rod when fishing conditions change to scratching around for flounder or whiting, but not costing him the same price as his main rod. The lift Cono-flex Flattie Fanatic has filled this role very well till you need that extra length, so let me introduce you to the Cono-flex SOURCE Estuary Match, all the qualities of the top performance SOURCE but easier on the pocket.
Blank - 142.34, Fully Factory Built - 212.84

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
Estuary Match7' 4"5' 8" with spigot3.5 mm24 mm720 gms


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