Saltwater Rods

A selection of sensitive sticks for use from off the beach

Bare Bones Bass
11' 4" 2-piece fast taper, fine tip Bass rod.
Blank - £44.87, Fully Factory Built - £115.37

Flattie Beach Quiver
13' 1-3oz, 2-equal piece with glass quiver. Ideal for the double bullet rig and baited spoon.
Blank - £80.92, Fully Factory Built - £151.42

Bass Bandit
11' 6", 2 - 4oz. Two equal pieces with overfit joint.
Blank - £98.45, Fully Factory Built - £168.95

Cast and Snatch
Designed as an alternative to conventional beach rods, the Cast and Snatch is a dual purpose rod for match / pleasure anglers alike. A 5' 6" tip with two butt sections;
1 - 5' 6" butt making an 11' rod for lobbing 2 - 4 oz leads for flounder / eels or
2 - 3' 6" butt making a 9' rod that's just right for fishing literally under your feet or on venues such as piers, jetties or rock ledges where fishing straight down is not easy.
Blank - £119.97, Fully Factory Built - £190.47

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterBlank Weight
Long Butt5'6"5'6"2.3 mm18.2 mm279 gms
Short Butt5'6"3'6"2.3 mm18.2 mm216 gms

Cono-flex ASSASSIN 10ft or 11ft. 31b Test Curve.
Mr. Versatile, you name it this rod will do it! Great for spinning, casting lures, suitable from piers, rocks or a jetty (works from a boat too!).
Factory finished with FUJI BSVLG guides spaced for all uses.
Fuji reel seat loose.
A professional hit amongst all anglers!
Fully Factory Built - 10ft £136.45, 11ft £144.33

Cono-flex Flattie Fanatic 11ft. Optimum Casting Wt. 2-4 ozs.
Every top match angler has one of these in their bag. Ideal for rolling light leads in the surf when the fish are right under your feet. Factory finished with FUJI BNHG guides spaced for use with either fixed spool or multiplier reels.
Fuji reel seat loose.
Absolutely Flattie!
Fully Factory Built - £144.82

Cono-flex Flattie Fanatic 2 12ft. Optimum Casting Wt 2-4 ozs. The new 12ft model has enhanced casting power given it’s extra length.
No change of the responsive bite sensitivity in the tip section, ideal for rivers, estuaries and the inshore zone off the beach. A nice light beachcaster using the modern day high modulus carbons.
Factory finished with FUJI BNHG guides for dual purpose. Fuji reel seat loose.
Definitely Flattie
Fully Factory Built - £170.05

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
Assassin76” Push-in4ft or 5ft3.2 mm17 mm248 or 285 gms
Flattie Fanatic66”70” with spigot3.0 mm20 mm Tapered387 gmns
Flattie Fanatic 272”76” with spigot3.0 mm22 mm Tapered448 gmns

Cono-flex FRENZY High Modulus Carbon 4-5 13ft. Optimum Casting Wt. 4-5 ozs.
A soft action tip pushing into a light/slim High Modulus Carbon butt, this rod will catch the eye of those looking for a nice snitching rod to add to their bag of fishing tools.
With an optimum casting weight of 4 - 5 ounces this rod will cast the lighter weights to roll around in the surf, through to the slightly heavier needed to claim that extra distance. This is a smooth caster unlikely to blow up those soft baits. The soft tip action also sets nicely in the stand, giving a very responsive bite detection even to the shyest of fish. Making it a great fishing rod to the Catch and Release match angler.
The rod’s lightness in weight together with it’s two equal sections assists the roaming angler moving from mark to mark.
Factory finished with Fuji BNHG/BPHT guides, black whippings, coasters, butt cap and cloth rod bag.
Blank - £128.66, Fully Factory Built - £199.16

Cono-flex Fusion 13ft. Optimum casting wt. 4-5 ozs.
The fixed spool model of the Frenzy built with less but bigger guides.
Factory finished with FUJI BSVLG guides.
Fuji reel seat loose.

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
Frenzy80” Push-in80”3.0 mm23 mm610 gms
Fusion80” Push-in80”3.5 mm23 mm610 gms


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