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Basic Hosting (Server & Bandwidth Costs for Year) Mail & Web Support. Customer takes control of own updates, but basic assistant given upto 2 hours design time and limited minor amendments carried out, ideal for static websites with low change frequency. User takes control of settings via the Angling Designs Control Panel.

Supported Hosting, based on your first years hosting and update frequency (low to medium) - includes basic textual updates to existing pages and a half day support time for site development, e.g. images changes additional single page or reconstruction of existing pages. (includes Server & Bandwidth Cost for Year, support time can be split over the year and includes product photography within the fare us policy. A popular level for small business or Hoby based ecommerce sites)

Developed Hosting, We take care of everything! Unlimited updates to existing pages, images, text etc. The option of up to 1 full days development of existing or new pages per month. A quarterly review of Search Engine Optimisation based on Ten words or phases important to your business. We will install Analytical software if not already installed, and develop your website throughout the year based on monthly statistics. Small changes to pages can increase web traffic and subsequently the potential for new business. (includes Server & Bandwidth Cost for Year) SEO automated reporting at no extra cost.


All prices are fully inclusive of Server Space and Bandwidth usage (a common sense approach to normal usage is assumed)