Saltwater Rods

Specialist Boat & Uptide

80lb Trolling Rod built by Stan Massey / Alba Rods

And something for use from off the boat

Cono-flex Pollack Rod 8ft. 4lb Test Curve.
A thick walled through action fight fine boat rod. As it states great for pollack but also bream or any species that requires the sensitive touch keeping the fun in fishing.
Factory finished with Fuji BLVLG/BSVLG guides and Fuji reel seat
An original work of art!
Blank - £50.80, Fully Factory Built - £121.30

Cono-flex DEMON UPTIDE 9’8”. 12 30lb IGFA.
A fine tipped uptider quite capable of bullying the big boys. Ideal length for playing the fish away from the boat, stealthy mid section locking into a no nonsense stiff butt.
Very popular all rounder. Factory finished with Fuji BNHG guides and Fuji reel seat.
A sensitive Mr Nasty!
Fully Factory Built - £137.83

Cono-flex SENSOR TIP l0ft. Quivertip (6 ozs)
"It really is super sensitive, ideal for detecting delicate bites. I had a ball black bream fishing with the sensortip. Suprisingly even though the tip is so fight, it can still handle 6 ozs of lead without being overpowered"
(Roger Bayzand, Sea Angler Magazine).
Fine for light line, any time!
Fully Factory Built - £203.57

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
Pollack Rod72”28” with spigot3.0 mm17 mm390 gms
Demon Uptide72”48” with Spigot3.2 mm20 mm360 gms
Sensortip76” Push-in48”2.0 mm17 mm306 gms

TRIOLOGY - The Newest Word In Boat Angling
A series of three Sporty Fine Tip Boat Rods that will cover most of today’s Boat Angler’s needs. The 5’10” tips push into a 3’ parallel buff to give an overall working length of 8’6. The tips are interchangeable to give you the option of a 1, 2 or 3 tip and butt combination.
“Each of the rods are built on blanks with a proven pedigree”

The SUPER 6 tip is 100% all glass fibre construction, giving a nice soft action, suitable for Pollacking or Breaming. Optimum Casting Wt. 1-3 ozs.

The SUPER 12 tip is of a Carbon composite construction, meaning it has a very soft responsive tip loading into a stiffer mid section again great for Pollacking with Shads or Jellies. Optimum Casting Wt. 3-4 ozs.

The SUPER 20 tip is also of Carbon composite construction, a slightly stiffer responsive tip more suitable for uptiding.Optimum Casting Wt. 4 - 6ozs.
TRIOLOGY Boat Rods are built to the highest quality
The tips are finely whipped in black thread holding in place the nine Fuji BNHG guides. Beneath the Fuji BPHT tip guide and the first two intermediate guides a white whip is used to increase tip visibility. Every detail has been thought off even the easy grip feature to assist tip/butt assembly. The butt is dressed with EVA grips front and back, with a Fuji DPS 22 reel seat precisely fixed between them. Tailored off with a Fuji butt cap this rod is suited & booted and ready to go.
“Three is the magic number”
Fully Factory Built
2 Tip Combo SUPER 6 & 12 (or 20) £214
2 Tip Combo SUPER 12 & 20 £220
All 3 Tip Combo SUPER 6 & 12 & 20 £302

Tip LengthButt LengthTip DiameterButt DiameterFactory Finished Weight
SUPER 670” Push-in36” parallel3.0 mm22 mm380 gms
SUPER 1270” Push-in36” parallel3.0 mm22 mm400 gms
SUPER 2070” Push-in36” parallel3.0 mm22 mm404 gms


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